With the spring rains coming, I new that I would need to get some weather protection or I would start getting rained out and my project would get off schedule. Nobody wants rain delays so I started looking into getting a small roof over my head, a.k.a. a canopy.

I was surprised to find so many offered. Most of them are called tents or ‘wedding canopies’ because they are most often used for outdoor parties. I just wanted a place to set up some tools so that I could still work, unless it was really storming.
I settled on the 10 x 10 Smart Shade canopy from Swiss Gear. They are the same folks that make Swiss Army Knives and their stuff is usually higher quality so I went for it.
I wasn’t disappointed.
One day last week I needed to finish some trim and a light rain was forecasted all day. Time to give it a try! There was a break in the weather and I got it set up all by myself fairly quickly, probably less than 15 minutes. It would be easier with two people, but I was able to do it by going around and moving the legs out a little at a time. It didn’t take long and I had a roof to keep me dry. It also came with a nice case that even has a couple wheels on it too.
I’m completely pleased with the purchase and thought I’d share in case you were considering one as well. I must admit that at first I felt like I was taping a TV show because they are always working under tents like this… :)
BTW- I’m also planning to use this as the summer starts heating up. I know I won’t mind a little shade to keep me working with a smile.