I’ve been working at a larger project in Inglewood that will involve renovating much of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom.  We’ve decided to start with the bathroom and work our way out of the home.  Plus, it’s always nice to have a working bathroom, right?

The homeowner is an investor that is renovating this home for sale.  Before I arrived on the scene he had already done quite a bit of demolition in the worst areas, including the bathroom where he ripped out the old floor tile and thick bed of mortar underneath.  This exposed the old 1″ thick oak board subfloor that was laid diagonally across the floor joists.  Many of these boards were weak and deteriorated along with a few joists that had nearly given away due to water damage.  It’s amazing that the old heavy tile hadn’t cracked even more considering how bad the structure underneath was.

The solution was to rip out all the floor joists and start over.  Actually, I like this solution because I can install a new bathroom floor rather than try to adapt to the old construction.  The new joists went in and I installed a layer of 3/4″ Home Advantage underlayment over that.  I’m already thinking about the tile floor, but first I’ll install the tub and drywall everything. 

Coming up next will be the tile surround…