At my summer project house in Inglewood, the first room to tackle was the bathroom which would need a complete makeover.  I covered some of the initial work in this post.  Now, I wanted to show off some of the final photos after the new vanity and painting was complete.

The homeowner had removed all of the fixtures and some of the walls. My first step was continue the demolition. I ended up removing all the floor joists and reframing the entire floor, raising it to an appropriate height to tile later.  It had originally been framed much lower to hold a larger mortar bed and tile floor.

I installed a new tub and set out to tile the surround. This included screwing 1/2″ Hardibacker cementboard over a 4 mil layer of plastic. The homeowners had picked out a 12 x 12 ceramic tile for both the floor and the surround, but wanted me to add a decorative stripe around the top of the surround to dress it up a little bit. The smaller tiles had some alternating shades of color so I tried to cut them to make the pattern continue around the corners.