My last utility knife was one that was likely inherited from my dad at some point.  It was the simple grey kind that you can still get for just a couple bucks.  I had to remove a screw to change the blade.  This made it somewhat inconvenient at times, but it wasn’t broke, so… why get a knew one?

Enter the Bostitch Twin Blade Knife…

Let me admit that this is one case where I think I actually bought into the advertising.  I saw an ad for the new line of hand tools from Bostitch in a magazine and even went to their website.  It seems they have found ways to make some of the simple tools we use every day more convenient.  Let’s start with the knife.

First, the main reason I like this utility knife is the larger angled profile that gives me more to grip when making cuts that need extra pressure.  It just feels more substantial in my hand.  My old knife was a little awkward to hold in comparison.  The big selling feature of this knife is that it’s basically two knives in one.  You can use either of two different blades at the push of a button.  This is nice if you use a ‘hook’ type razor blade at times for roofing or whatever, but I use them both for standard razor blades, trying to keep one of them reserved for cuts when it really needs to be sharp.

Two knives in one and storage for lots of blades.

When you need to change blades, the case has a very easy-to-use compartment that holds around 10 blades!  They are fairly easy to change once you’ve done it a couple of times. (By the way, it helps to hold the blade with some pliers as you insert it into the knife.  Try not to sever anything…)   Anyway, I’m really happy with this knife, even if I’m already wearing the yellow paint off of it.

How about a nail set?

Bostitch has also developed a new nail set that I really like.  Now, I don’t use a nail set very often, but when you need one, you need one.  I used to have an old one that had lost it’s tip long ago.  It was time for new one.  What I like best about the Bostitch nail set is that, like the knife, it’s like two nail sets in one.  It has an easy release collar that makes it quick to change from a fine point to a larger tip.  I love things that save me room in my tool belt!

Next, I’ve got my eye on their new tape measure, but I have to wait until mine wears out first…  :)