The trees and vegetation around the Ardee project house haven’t been trimmed in a really long time.  When I first saw the house I thought it had some charm, but it was completely covered up by overgrown bushes and trees that were reaching out over the home.  Over time, quite a large pile of brush had piled up on the rear roof, damaging it and causing leaks.  That will get fixed later, but for now I needed to get rid of those branches and clear out some brush to uncover the house.  For that I called Jeremiah Sunshine at Sunshine Tree care.

I liked Jeremiah from the start and could tell that he was going to treat me right and handle the job professionally.  He and his crew did a great job and I wanted to spread the word about his services.  He had some great suggestions about how to clean up the trees and clear the backyard which had become overgrown with various scrubby plants that had taken over much of the backyard.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to the house, but at least you can see it now!  Here are some pics:

If you need tree trimming work done check out Sunshine Tree Care’s website here: