The popularity of carpet comes and goes.  I’m not sure it was ever really a trend in a bathroom, but more likely was a builders less expensive way to finish a bathroom.  You can tell I’m not a fan, right? 

At least one homeowner of a condo in Green Hills agreed with me.  She gave me a call to upgrade her bathroom, replacing the carpet with a new tile floor as well as an overhaul to her bathtub surround.  I’ll cover the surround in the next post, but for now, here are a couple pictures of her new tile floor. 

If the carpet is installed over a concrete slab, the tile can be installed without a lot of prep.  In this case, I removed the carpet and cleaned off the adhesive that was securing the carpet pad.  Then I discovered a low spot in the concrete around the vanity that I filled with self-leveling underlayment.  This type or mortar seeks its own level and sets up quickly for a flat surface to tile over.  I just used enough to fill in the low area and feathered out the edges.  It worked great.

Next I’ll tackle the surround.