This week I had the pleasure of attending the Owen County Chamber of Commerce ‘After Hours’ event and meet some of the great folks we have in our community.  It was held at a local business called Quality Surfaces that specializes in countertops.  I got a chance to tour their facilities and meet many of their crew and was very impressed.  Not only did they have a fantastic selection of counter surfaces, but they were great people that were dedicated to serving their clients well.

Countertops are a specialized trade that uses very particular equipment to cut the stone and then finish the edges.  The stone is shipped into Owen County from all over the world.  I’m always amazed at the colors and amazing patterns that are found in a rock cut out of a mountain somewhere.  They had a large lot full of many different slabs that a client could pick through.  They had granite, quartz and even soapstone.  I think soap stone had some of the most intriguing colors that looked very textured even though it was polished and perfectly flat.

In addition to fine stone countertops, Quality Surfaces can also fabricate solid surface counters to your specs.  These are a more synthetic material, but very durable and generally less expensive than stone.  I’m a fan of solid-surface counters and especially the fact that they can join two pieces together so that the seam virtually disappears.

Their showroom seems to be expanding as they are adding a ‘sink wall’ to show off a selection of designer sinks and faucets and giving their clients even more options for their remodeling project.  Throughout the facility they’ve used many of their own materials to include creative artistic designs in their own building.  I especially liked the inlaid floor tile at one of the entrances.  I’m the type of guy who can appreciate all the work that surely went into that!

Anyway, I was impressed by everything I saw and thought I’d recommend them to you if you need counters.  Find them here: