Sometimes repairs are put off too long.  That was the case at this rental property in Owen County where the sink was starting to sink!  The subfloor below was deteriorating and the entire cabinet was lowering into the floor- enough that the laminate countertop had broken in the middle.  Once the owner was aware of the problem they called me to fix things up.

I removed all the kitchen cabinets which were original to the old farmhouse.  Some investigation both above and below showed that there had been some sort of leak under the sink, but it looked like the majority of the issue was due to termite activity in this one area.  For whatever reason the termites like the wood under that sink!  The rest of the framing under this house seemed untouched.

I sistered a couple of the floor joists and replaced the damaged subflooring.  Now we were ready to start over with the kitchen cabinets.  The owner actualy had an entire kitchen worth of pine cabinets from his own kitchen remodel years ago.  I was able to piece together enough of the cabinets to fit this kitchen, with a couple left over.  I did have to customize a couple of them, but it was actually amazing how it all came together without having to purchase any cabinetry.

The other step to this project was to add a dishwasher, over-the-stove microwave and garbage disposal as well as more counter outlets (they only had 1 before!).  Since I was replacing the cabinets this was the easiest time to also install the new wiring for these appliances.  The cabinets and appliances may not have been new, but all the wiring and plumbing under the sink were brand new and ready to go.

No more sinking sinks!  :)