Some people like to be subtle in their remodeling projects.  That’s when you see an entire house full of beige- kind of boring right!?  Take some risks when you pick out your tile and get something you love.  Don’t worry about what the ‘next guy’ might think (unless you’re planning to sell your home soon…).

This homeowner in Bloomington, IN wanted to add a bold green glass tile backsplash with black grout in her kitchen and brought me in to make it happen.

The tile she picked out was Emerald Green 2″ x 2″ Glossy Glass Crystile Solids from Glass Tile Oasis.  They come on 12″ sheets with a mesh backing.  Normally over $20 a square foot, but were on sale for under $10.

When using a dark grout, especially black, I take extra precautions to keep the mess to a minimum.  Black grout can be especially hard to clean up if you aren’t careful.  You can see in the picture that I’ve put tape around the perimeter and on all the outlets.  I’ve also got drop cloths everywhere.  I’d always prefer to prevent a mess than clean one up!