This is a project from last year that I just discovered I hadn’t posted yet.  Lost in the shuffle, I suppose!  Anyway, for this bathroom in Ellettsville (Bloomington), Indiana, I removed a tub enclosure and installed a new tile shower as well as a new backsplash for the vanity.

The niche is often the centerpiece of the shower design.  I try to integrate it as much as possible so instead of feeling like an afterthought, it seamlessly fits into the design.  There are various ways to make a shelf for the niche.  It’s nice to keep it thin to keep as much storage as possible, as in this one that used a couple large pieces of tile to make a shelf.

This shower also includes a bench seat in the corner using a product called Better Bench as the frame to support it.  The entire shower, like all of my showers, is installed using the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing system to make sure the water goes down the drain.

My clients bought the custom countertop from Quality Surfaces in Spencer, Indiana.  They wanted me to install a glass mosaic backsplash and somehow incorporate the mirror into the design.  You can see the design I came up with.

At this point, we left the hardwood flooring alone, but about a year later, they called to have me go ahead and replace that with tile as well.  (Read about that here.)