SubwayTileBathShowerFinalThe goal of this project was to update the entire master bath for some homeowners that are starting to think about selling their home.  I started by removing the floor tile and solving this mystery.  I removed the shower enclosure and the tile around the tub as well as the old white vanity.  It was time to start fresh!

The new shower is probably the focal point of the new bathroom.  The new frameless glass enclosure highlights the tile design and custom niche.


SubwayTileBathShowerFloorFor the floor of the shower I used 2″ marble hex tiles that the homeowner had inherited from her father.  They were very cool and added a touch of classic charm to this otherwise contemporary bathroom.

SubwayTileBathShowerNicheThe glass tiles added a modern flair to the timeless subway tile that filled the remainder of the walls and around the tub.  The decorative stripe flows through the recessed niche.  For the shelves in the niche I used a couple pieces of marble.  I like using a single piece of material for the shelves and the marble matched the floor in the shower, a detail that brings the design together.

SubwayTileBathFloorThe new tile floor consisted of 12×24 porcelain tiles over Ditra uncoupling membrane.  I also installed a tile ‘baseboard’ around the room using a piece of bullnose tile.

SubwayTileBathTubIn addition to the tile, I needed to do something different for the front of the tub.  It’s a jetted tub, so the front skirt is removable to access the pump, etc.  The old one was loose and looked dated.  In its place I made a new cover that was simply a piece of drywall with trim attached.  There are a couple screws that hold it in place tightly and are easily access when it needs to be removed.  I made the cover to match the doors on the vanity and it turned out great and blended in well.