LargeShowerLinearDrainFinalThis project outside of Bloomington, IN, began with a small shower enclosure and a large jetted tub.  My clients wanted to remove them both and instead have a large tiled shower.  Removing the tub allowed me to expand the shower to nearly 4′ x 8′!  The goal was to make it large enough that it wouldn’t need a door and would have room for a wheelchair if that was ever necessary.

LargeShowerLinearDrainFloorOne of the coolest features of this shower is the linear drain.  It the Kerdi-Line drain from Schluter with the tillable grate.  This means that it almost disappears into the floor.  All that you see is the drain outline- no metal grate.  Fantastic.

Using a linear drain allows the floor to be sloped as a single plane, since the drain is almost the entire width of the shower.  This is great for barrier-free or curbless showers and also means that you can use large tiles on the shower floor to match the bathroom floor.  This shower was not completely curbless, but we made it with just a small incline at the entrance to the shower so it would still be accessible by wheelchair as well as effectively keep the water in.

LargeShowerLinearDrainTallOne of my favorite features to add to a shower, especially if I’m framing it from scratch, is a shelf that goes from one wall to another.  This adds lots of storage space for shampoo bottles and such, and has a more open feel than adding a recessed niche.  This shower also included a 30″ bench seat in the corner.

It was a pleasure to help make this shower a reality, especially with so many cool features and really nice tile too!