PuristWhiteBath01Every bathroom project is unique in many ways, but this one stands out.  It was nearly completely designed around Kohler’s purist fixtures and modeled after a bathoom that my clients experienced at a Marriott hotel!  It made such an impact that they wanted to recreate the space in their home as they re-imagined their own bathroom.

This project outside Spencer, Indiana was a complete renovation.  I installed a Kohler cast iron tub (yes, they’re heavy!) and new tub surround.  The tub enclosure features Kohler’s Choreograph wall panels in white.  The walls were painted and color matched to this color, to have minimal contrast from the tub surround to the adjacent walls.

PuristWhiteBath02The shower fixtures are not ordinary or standard.  You could say that Kohler doesn’t do ordinary!  HA!  In fact, they tend to take a simple thing and make it complicated sometimes, but that’s a different story!

PuristWhiteBath03The shower features a large main faucet that controls the temperature, then there are two separate valves (the smaller ones) that turn the water on to each outlet (shower head and tub spout) and control the volume.  It’s a bit of a complicated setup but gives the user a lot of control and allows for the maximum water pressure.  (The valves have 3/4″ inlets).

PuristWhiteBath05The pedestal sink is probably my favorite part of this bathroom.  It’s wide with lots of space, but not terribly deep.  It’s from Kohler’s Reve line of sinks.  Even the hot/cold valves are provided from Kohler, which is cool since they are very exposed.

To keep the minimal look, there needs to be a hidden place to put all the stuff.  The lighted mirror cabinet is recessed into the wall and provides several shelves of storage and has bright led lights to help when you are getting ready in the morning.