Repairing a Neglected Window and Siding

by Peter Bales | 30th August 2012

I recently completed a large-scale renovation of this home for an investor.  I basically gutted the entire home and started over, at least on the inside.  The outside had the older shingle-style siding, probably made from asbestos back when that was thought to be a good idea.  Most the shingles were in good shape and didn’t […] Read More

Remove a Wall to Open up the Kitchen

by Peter Bales | 23rd January 2012

The old days of separating the kitchen from the rest of the house by putting it in a closed area at the back of the home is no longer what people seem to want.  Instead, the kitchen has become the heart of the home.  Most of the folks I talk to would prefer to have their kitchen […] Read More

Upgrade Your Crawlspace Door

by Peter Bales | 5th June 2010

I see a lot of homes with a crawlspace door that is either completely disfunctional due to water damage, or just insecure, perhaps held closed by a brick. Sure, it’s just a crawlspace, but I’d prefer a door that is secure- so no one can steal all your copper pipes (I’ve heard horror stories about […] Read More

Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors

by Peter Bales | 11th January 2010

This great home in East Nashville has had quite a few updates including a laundry room on the back of the house. It’s a nice addition complete with glass doors that let it lots of light. The problem is that the door swings into the room and competes with the washer and dryer for space. […] Read More

Make Arched Corners for a Doorway

by Peter Bales | 29th December 2009

The home that I’m currently working on has quite a few Tudor characteristics throughout, including a couple arched doorways in the kitchen and living room. The homeowners wanted to open up the wall leading into the kitchen with a larger doorway and match the corners to the others. Here’s how I did it: 1. Open […] Read More

Time For a New Basement Door

by Peter Bales | 8th December 2009

The small home that we’re renovating has a full unfinished basement with a concrete floor. This has made our under-the-house repairs much easier. However, there’s also an exterior door down there. It had completely rotted and been boarded up. Time for a new one. First, let me mention that many of these older homes are […] Read More

Adapting and Trimming the Windows

by Peter Bales | 1st October 2009

One huge difference between an old garage and a living space is windows. It was time to install the windows, but making salvaged windows fit the style of a house can be tricky. For this project, we were flexible on size because I gutted the inside and could frame the opening to any size necessary. […] Read More

Installing the Back Door

by Peter Bales | 30th September 2009

It was finally time to install the back door at my garage conversion project (see these posts). The old back door was damaged and needed to be moved because of the new utility room wall that will soon be framed. I found a great door at Hailey’s Salvage (this post) that will coordinate well with […] Read More

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