Add Some Recessed Lights Over the Bar

by Peter Bales | 6th March 2010

As I started rebuilding the wall between the kitchen and dining room that would transform into a half-wall topped with a wood counter, I had to consider the lighting that would illuminate the custom maple counter. This is especially important at this stage because the homeowner wanted me to install small recessed lighting. This wall […] Read More

The Mystery of the Flickering Porch Lights

by Peter Bales | 12th January 2010

After installing the patio door (see this post) I got to add a couple porch lights to this East Nashville home. Adding wiring in an older home like this has a tendency to be a nightmare at times, because the wires are inaccessible and the walls are plaster. I didn’t run into these problems on […] Read More

Lead Drum Trap Leaking Into Light Fixture?

by Peter Bales | 28th August 2009

We’re on the edge of finishing our apartment conversion project. One last detail was to replace the light fixture in the tile shower. Sounds easy enough, right?  One problem,  I started to remove the globe and realized that it was full of water!??? That was the first clue. So, I quickly made sure that the […] Read More

Play it Safe With Outlet Extensions

by Peter Bales | 24th August 2009

Whenever you build out a wall by adding a layer of drywall, wainscoating, or ceramic tile, your electrical boxes will no longer be flush with the finished surface. This problem can be fixed with a simple outlet extension. In addition to giving you a place to mount a receptacle and make connections, the electrical box […] Read More

Install a Garbage Disposal from Scratch

by Peter Bales | 4th July 2009

Replacing a garbage disposal is a pretty simple process, however it can get more complicated if you’re installing a garbage disposal where there was none as was this case for this project. There are two main parts to this project: First, getting power to the disposal with a switch so that the homeowner has a […] Read More

Keep the Birds Out of Your House!

by Peter Bales | 29th June 2009

Birds live in nests, right? Well, not always… At today’s project, the birds had made their way into the walls of a client’s sunroom. They seemed to have moved on for now, so it was time to do some repairs. The exterior walls of the sunroom were covered in 8″ cedar bevelled lap siding. It’s […] Read More

Installing A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

by Peter Bales | 27th April 2009

Whenever I’m renovating a bath, I recommend installing a bathroom exhaust fan if there isn’t one already. It’s a fairly simple installation, depending on where you can vent the fan to. The fan itself will range from $12, for the most basic unit, up to $160 or so for one that’s quiet with a light. […] Read More

Adding a Simple Recessed Light

by Peter Bales | 15th April 2009

Whenever I’m doing a renovation I like to consider adding more outlets and more lights. It’s so much easier when the walls are open and you can run wiring, but you don’t always have that luxury. Recessed lights, one of my favorite fixtures, can actually be quite simple to install, even if the ceiling isn’t […] Read More

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