Herringbone Tile Floor Looks Like Wood

by Peter Bales | 12th July 2014

Some tile designs are very distinctive.  This project in Ellettsville (Bloomington), Indiana used a Herringbone pattern with tiles that looked like wood planks. Herringbone is a tile layout that involves alternating tiles diagonally from each other.  Being the nerd that I am, I looked it up and yes, the pattern does resemble a herring’s bones!  Read more [...] Read More

Laminate Flooring Planks

by Peter Bales | 8th May 2014

Though I specialize in tile, I often get asked about installing laminate flooring.  Yes, I can help with that!  This project in Bloomington, near Indiana University, was for a large kitchen/dining room combo that was previously a mix of carpet and a couple layers of vinyl. Installing laminate has it’s own specifics, but much of [...] Read More

Ditra Easy Underlayment for Tile Floors

by Peter Bales | 8th May 2012

Last fall I attended a class from Schluter Systems about some of their products including Ditra.  Ditra is the orange-colored waffle-looking stuff on the floor in this picture.  It’s not only much easier and cleaner to install than cementboard, but it’s touted as being a superior underlayment to actually give you a better tile installation [...] Read More

A Travertine Floor With Gusto!

by Peter Bales | 4th August 2011

I always say there’s tile for any personality.  You can keep it plain and simple, or go wild with different colors or textures.  This tile floor is made up of some beautiful travertine tiles of many diverse colors.  No two are alike!  I think natural stone tiles are some of the most beautiful tile because they are so [...] Read More

Level the Bathroom Floor Before you Tile

by Peter Bales | 6th June 2011

There are lots of things to consider before you tile a floor, such as whether the framing is adequate and the floor is flat and how it will transition to adjacent floor coverings.  This particular bathroom needed some help before I even started thinking about tile layout or grout colors.  It was sloped enough that you [...] Read More

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