Amazing Curved Travertine Shower

by Peter Bales | 10th November 2014

Some projects stand out as being unique, but this one stands alone.  It was the largest and most complex shower I’ve ever created and it was a blast to work on.  At the core of the design is a wall that not only curves but slopes downward to enclose the shower.  One-of-a-kind! This project had [...] Read More

Herringbone Tile Floor Looks Like Wood

by Peter Bales | 12th July 2014

Some tile designs are very distinctive.  This project in Ellettsville (Bloomington), Indiana used a Herringbone pattern with tiles that looked like wood planks. Herringbone is a tile layout that involves alternating tiles diagonally from each other.  Being the nerd that I am, I looked it up and yes, the pattern does resemble a herring’s bones!  Read more [...] Read More

New Fireplace Tile in One Day!

by Peter Bales | 4th April 2014

There aren’t many tile projects that can be accomplished in one day, but this was the exception.  The homeowner is getting a house ready to sell and the old greenish marble-looking tiles from the 80′s weren’t cutting it for her.  Instead, she wanted something simple and attractive that would compliment the rest of their home. [...] Read More

Details Make the Shower

by Peter Bales | 17th October 2013

Sometimes, less is more.  Other times, let’s go all out!  Showers can range from the very simple to the ornate.  Wow-factor was all over this shower project in Bloomfield. The bathroom was rearranged to take over some space from an adjoining room to make a large luxury shower.  The main tile consisted of 12 x [...] Read More

Tall Kerdi-Board Tile Niche

by Peter Bales | 8th October 2013

In addition to replacing a tub with a shower and making it all match the old tile, I also added a tall niche in the corner next to the bench seat.  These features can be tedious to add to a shower project because there are a lot of tiles to cut and it needs to [...] Read More

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