Amazing Curved Travertine Shower

by Peter Bales | 10th November 2014

Some projects stand out as being unique, but this one stands alone.  It was the largest and most complex shower I’ve ever created and it was a blast to work on.  At the core of the design is a wall that not only curves but slopes downward to enclose the shower.  One-of-a-kind! This project had […] Read More

Herringbone Tile Floor Looks Like Wood

by Peter Bales | 12th July 2014

Some tile designs are very distinctive.  This project in Ellettsville (Bloomington), Indiana used a Herringbone pattern with tiles that looked like wood planks. Herringbone is a tile layout that involves alternating tiles diagonally from each other.  Being the nerd that I am, I looked it up and yes, the pattern does resemble a herring’s bones!  Read more […] Read More

New Fireplace Tile in One Day!

by Peter Bales | 4th April 2014

There aren’t many tile projects that can be accomplished in one day, but this was the exception.  The homeowner is getting a house ready to sell and the old greenish marble-looking tiles from the 80’s weren’t cutting it for her.  Instead, she wanted something simple and attractive that would compliment the rest of their home. […] Read More

Details Make the Shower

by Peter Bales | 17th October 2013

Sometimes, less is more.  Other times, let’s go all out!  Showers can range from the very simple to the ornate.  Wow-factor was all over this shower project in Bloomfield. The bathroom was rearranged to take over some space from an adjoining room to make a large luxury shower.  The main tile consisted of 12 x […] Read More

Tall Kerdi-Board Tile Niche

by Peter Bales | 8th October 2013

In addition to replacing a tub with a shower and making it all match the old tile, I also added a tall niche in the corner next to the bench seat.  These features can be tedious to add to a shower project because there are a lot of tiles to cut and it needs to […] Read More

Tile Over Brick with Kerdi-Board

by Peter Bales | 17th April 2013

I haven’t had to tile over many masonry walls.  This shower in Freedom, IN started out as a bathtub in a brick addition.  It was meant to be permanent, but the homeowners decided they wanted a tile shower.  What’s the easiest way to tile over a brick wall? Kerdi-Board. Of course, you could try tiling […] Read More

Bold Green Glass Tile Backsplash

by Peter Bales | 5th March 2013

Some people like to be subtle in their remodeling projects.  That’s when you see an entire house full of beige- kind of boring right!?  Take some risks when you pick out your tile and get something you love.  Don’t worry about what the ‘next guy’ might think (unless you’re planning to sell your home soon…). […] Read More

Add Storage in your Knee Walls

by Peter Bales | 22nd February 2013

It seems like we could always use more storage.  Often there is extra attic space behind a knee wall that might be finished for storage.  A knee wall is a shorter wall, usually on the top floor of the home, that connects to the sloped part of the roof.  They are especially common in older […] Read More

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