Cracked Tile Mystery Solved

by Peter Bales | 30th January 2015

Cracks in tile are usually a symptom of something else going on below the surface.  When installing new tile, I try to make sure that everything is put together so the tile looks great permanently.  (See this article)  Unfortunately not every tile is installed with such care, as was the case with this project. The […] Read More

Tile Floor Finishes Bathroom

by Peter Bales | 18th August 2014

I installed a tile shower and backsplash in this bathroom in Ellettsville, Indiana about a year ago. (Read about it here.)  They invited me back to finish the bathroom with a tile floor as well. The existing hardwood floors were in fine shape, but they wanted to have tile throughout.  Tearing up the hardwoods was a […] Read More

Herringbone Tile Floor Looks Like Wood

by Peter Bales | 12th July 2014

Some tile designs are very distinctive.  This project in Ellettsville (Bloomington), Indiana used a Herringbone pattern with tiles that looked like wood planks. Herringbone is a tile layout that involves alternating tiles diagonally from each other.  Being the nerd that I am, I looked it up and yes, the pattern does resemble a herring’s bones!  Read more […] Read More

A New ‘Old’ Bathroom in Bloomington

by Peter Bales | 28th December 2013

Sometimes people want the latest and greatest modern design.  Other times, they want to stay traditional.  Don’t call it old-fashioned!  Call it classic.  This older home near Indiana University in Bloomington had a bathroom that was fine, but it just didn’t fit into the amazing character of a home that was at least 75 years old and […] Read More

Retirement Retreat- Shower with Pebble Floor

by Peter Bales | 26th September 2013

In preparing for retirement, these clients were remodeling a beautiful home in Brazil, IN.  I was called upon to do the tile in the master bathroom as well as a new backsplash for the kitchen.  This wasn’t going to be an ordinary bathroom.  They were aiming for spectacular! Shower with Style The shower doubled in […] Read More

Testimonial for Tile Floor Project in Spencer

by Peter Bales | 21st August 2012

I finished up this tile floor project in Spencer, IN (west of Bloomington) and received this testimonial from my client, Bill G.: “Job:  After carpet torn up lay ceramic tile in kitchen and finish trim in half bath. Results: Absolutely beautiful.  The kitchen tile has changed the whole look of that area of the house.  […] Read More

Simple and Beautiful Kitchen Floor Upgrade

by Peter Bales | 1st August 2012

Everyone is different and there’s a tile for every taste.  Some people want exotic stone or interesting patterns with decorative elements thrown in.  These are a blast, but it’s also fun to keep it simple sometimes.  For this tile floor in Spencer, Indiana, (just outside of Bloomington) the homeowners weren’t wanting anything fancy or extravagant.  Honestly, I think […] Read More

Ditra Easy Underlayment for Tile Floors

by Peter Bales | 8th May 2012

Last fall I attended a class from Schluter Systems about some of their products including Ditra.  Ditra is the orange-colored waffle-looking stuff on the floor in this picture.  It’s not only much easier and cleaner to install than cementboard, but it’s touted as being a superior underlayment to actually give you a better tile installation […] Read More

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