How to Cut a PVC Pipe from Inside

by Peter Bales | 17th May 2012

For most people this will be useless information…    However, for a few out there, this will save you a few headaches and extra work.  Whenever I have to install a new shower drain I tell the plumber just to leave the 2″ pipe sticking up the right place and I’ll take it from there.  [...] Read More

Making Important Holes in Porcelain Tile

by Peter Bales | 28th November 2010

The final part of my recent shower project was to install the glass shower surround.  The idea was fairly basic with each piece of glass connected to the wall with a couple simple mounts.  Most only needed one screw into the wall to attach the mount.  The dificulty came with the heavy glass door.  It [...] Read More

My Review of Bostitch Twin Blade Knife and Nail Set

by Peter Bales | 28th September 2010

My last utility knife was one that was likely inherited from my dad at some point.  It was the simple grey kind that you can still get for just a couple bucks.  I had to remove a screw to change the blade.  This made it somewhat inconvenient at times, but it wasn’t broke, so… why get [...] Read More

Making Large Diagonal Cuts on a Wet Saw

by Peter Bales | 11th August 2010

Before setting out to lay 16″ tile diagonally, you must consider how you are going to cut it.  After all, every single piece around the perimeter will need to be cut and that’s just for starters.  Even my larger Felker saw will not cut this tile diagonally because the lip of the sliding tray is [...] Read More

Work Outside Rain or Shine with a Canopy

by Peter Bales | 30th March 2010

With the spring rains coming, I new that I would need to get some weather protection or I would start getting rained out and my project would get off schedule. Nobody wants rain delays so I started looking into getting a small roof over my head, a.k.a. a canopy. I was surprised to find so [...] Read More

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