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Trim to Dress Up the Screened Porch

Before and After Carpentry Basics Exteriors How-To Nashville Trimwork / 16 Sep 2011 / Peter Bales

A client of mine had just had a new screened-in porch added on to her home.  She asked me to…

Upgrade With Easy Faux Wainscoting

Carpentry Basics How-To Nashville Remodeling Ideas Trimwork Uncategorized / 20 Jan 2011 / Peter Bales

This week I finished up a job working on a client’s master bedroom.  It’s a large room with vaulted ceilings,…

Framing a New Porch Roof

Before and After Framing Inglewood Cottage Project 2 Nashville Porch Projects Trimwork / 17 Sep 2010 / Peter Bales

One thing I love about living in “The South” are the porches.  Not only do they add a welcoming feeling…

What’s Under the Tile?


Peter Bales in Freedom, IN on Houzz

Peter Bales in Freedom, IN on Houzz

Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design


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