Sometimes, less is more.  Other times, let’s go all out!  Showers can range from the very simple to the ornate.  Wow-factor was all over this shower project in Bloomfield.

The bathroom was rearranged to take over some space from an adjoining room to make a large luxury shower.  The main tile consisted of 12 x 24 porcelain that was designed to look like marble.  It’s a classic and it is well suited for some decorative elements.

The homeowners were very creative and mixed in some smaller 6″ squares set on the diagonal to be the centerpiece around the shower valve.  We also carried this into the back of the niche.

The larger trim pieces were stone and made the accents stand out and finished them well.  We used a large picture-frame trim along the very top of the shower as a sort of crown against the ceiling.  The small and large rope trims were stone and ran above and below the mosaic tile strip which was a mixture of glass tiles and real marble tiles.

Not only were the tile choices luxurious, but the shower was designed with features that made the project extraordinary such as a bench seat and a large recessed niche.  These are great, but what made this shower was the large window and arched doorway.  The window is framed with bullnose tiles to finish the edges and corners.  Later it will get a large piece of stationary glass.  The homeowners wanted to let in plenty of light from the room and keep an open feel.

The arched doorway will also get a glass door at a later date.  The arch is similar to a doorway in the home down the hall.

The shower features Kohler fixtures and a rainfall showerhead to complete an amazing place to refresh and get away from the world for a bit everyday.