Though I specialize in tile, I often get asked about installing laminate flooring.  Yes, I can help with that!  This project in Bloomington, near Indiana University, was for a large kitchen/dining room combo that was previously a mix of carpet and a couple layers of vinyl.

Installing laminate has it’s own specifics, but much of it is very similar to laying tile, especially how it will fit at the door jambs and transition to the other adjacent flooring.  Handling these details well is what makes an installation go from just okay to excellent!  Like installing tile, I want the flooring to fit under the doorjambs and casing.  It may be easier to cut the flooring around the trim, but it looks, um… terrible!   (just my humble opinion) :)

Unlike some laminate flooring types, this product is designed so that each piece looks like a separate plank of wood.  I like this, but personally I wish they were also made in random lengths.  I like to mix up the pieces I look in sort of a random pattern so that it looks as much like a real wood floor as possible.

I’ll also mention that laminate flooring has been getting better in quality over the years.  Some of the products look very realistic (like real wood) and are meant to be more heavy duty and longer lasting.  You can also get waterproof vinyl types that are suitable for bathrooms and other areas prone to being damp.