yelpreviewsIf you find me on Yelp (here) you might notice that I have lots of great reviews, but none of them (at this time) are “Recommended”.

Yelp has a process for weeding out spam reviews.  I get that.  I have no problem with it.  Great idea.

But these aren’t spam.

In September 2014, I thought maybe it was time I put my business on Yelp.  I know a lot of people us it and I thought it would be good to be found on there.  So I emailed my past clients and asked if any of them might be kind enough to review me on there.  It was low pressure..  :)

I was blown away to find out that 8 different clients quickly posted reviews for me.  All of them 5-stars.

I’m flattered by this and honored.

Unfortunately, Yelp thinks they are not real enough to ‘recommend’.  Perhaps it’s too-good-to-be-true?  Whatever the case, I wanted to state publicly that these are all real people and I appreciate them taking their precious time to review me.  I get to serve some amazing people.