McIntyreShowerFinal02My client said that the old shower was so gross she had stopped using it! Her sister found out and encouraged her to upgrade.  That’s exactly what we did!

The old shower was quickly gone and I started installing a new shower from the studs.  We were pleased to find that there weren’t any obstructions in the lowered ceiling and it could be raised up to match the rest of the bathroom.

The tile was not fancy, but still very nice 9×12 ceramic tiles with a smaller mosaic version on the shower floor.  As with all my showers, the entire shower is waterproofed up to the showerhead using Schluter’s Kerdi waterproofing system.

McIntyreShowerTall01The shower door is a frameless type from Dreamline where the panel closest to the showerhead is stationary and the other one slides back and forth.  Very nice and those 3/8″ thick panels are heavy-  I mean heavy duty!  :)


I’m really happy with how this shower turned out.  And my client is thrilled as well.  Success!

Here’s the before and after picture: McIntyreShowerBeforeAfter