Framing Some New Classrooms

by Peter Bales | 15th May 2012

I spent the last couple of days helping Owen Valley Christian Fellowship in Spencer, Indiana frame some new classrooms.  They are doing a renovation of their building that sounds really amazing.  A local builder is handling the sanctuary renovations where they are replacing several walls with large beams to open up the worship center in each […] Read More

From Shower to Tub

by Peter Bales | 30th September 2011

For this project, the homeowners were wanting to replace their large shower surround with an even larger bathtub.  With two young kids, there would be a lot more baths happening in this bathroom and they were ready to make it happen. The first step was to remove the fiberglass surround.  This bathroom was actually an […] Read More

Level the Bathroom Floor Before you Tile

by Peter Bales | 6th June 2011

There are lots of things to consider before you tile a floor, such as whether the framing is adequate and the floor is flat and how it will transition to adjacent floor coverings.  This particular bathroom needed some help before I even started thinking about tile layout or grout colors.  It was sloped enough that you […] Read More

Add a Wall to Make A Bedroom

by Peter Bales | 1st February 2011

Some recent clients of mine had just bought a new home in Inglewood AND had a baby.  It was time to get the house ready for kiddos!  They asked me to add a wall upstairs to close in a room to make it another bedroom for their growing family. Adding a new wall, even in […] Read More

Goodbye Termite Damage, Hello New Girder

by Peter Bales | 12th December 2010

When termites get into your house they can do some major damage before you ever notice they are there.  I’m not an expert on the creatures,  but I know they live in the ground and they make little mud tubes up a foundation to get to the lumber that they like to eat.  The Ardee […] Read More

Framing a New Porch Roof

by Peter Bales | 17th September 2010

One thing I love about living in “The South” are the porches.  Not only do they add a welcoming feeling to a home, but they add outdoor living space protected from the rain.  My summer house project in Inglewood had an old back porch that was about to fall down.  I got to build a […] Read More

Add More Support Under Your House

by Peter Bales | 15th September 2010

For whatever reason, many homes could use some extra support under them.  For many older homes, the floor joists may be weakend due to water damage or even people making notches for pipes in the wrong place.  It commonly comes up on home inspection reports, which happened to the homeowner who called me for today’s […] Read More

Bathroom From the Ground Up

by Peter Bales | 8th July 2010

I’ve been working at a larger project in Inglewood that will involve renovating much of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom.  We’ve decided to start with the bathroom and work our way out of the home.  Plus, it’s always nice to have a working bathroom, right? The homeowner is an investor that is renovating […] Read More

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